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Summer Color!

With summer coming up, many of you have probably heard the phrase, "Go lighter in the summer, darker for the fall." Although a large majority of people tend to follow that phrase, it's not a rule that anyone needs to follow. You can rock any shade & tone anytime of year! The reason this trend became a "thing" was due to many people, as Spring/ Summer approaches, would tend to highlight, lighten, possibly over process their hair. In addition, everyone is outdoors enjoying the sun, hanging out in the pools, beaches, etc. All this, without proper haircare, results in putting stress on your hair, leaving it dull and tired. As Fall approaches, most people are now sick of their tired, damaged hair, from all the wonderful Summer festivities they enjoyed with their "lighter" color. There's no shine, maybe there's breakage, hence why we got the "go darker in the fall." When you are itching for something new, because your current hair isn't doing anything for you.

Here’s a little secret....The key to great color, is healthy hair! Not much of a secret... we know, lol. Regardless of what color you currently are, or what color you desire to be, be sure your hair is in tip top shape before putting it through any transformation you have in mind. Keep your hair looking healthy by scheduling a trim every 8 weeks or so, and in between haircuts, deep condition at home, once a week. Be sure to use a professional shampoo & conditioner every wash, and follow with a leave in conditioner for added moisture and heat protection. If you are in need of some, ask us for recommendations at your next hair appointment. For even more protection, try a Brazilian blowout, a protein charged smoothing treatment that will fill your cuticle with protein and leave you with smooth, frizz free shine!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Have a great Summer friends!


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