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Summer Time Fun!

Summer is here!

You know what that means... lighter hair!

Although not necissarily true, many people do tend to lighten up their tresses once the summer solstice hits. Looking for some new style inspiration? We've got you covered! From some great summer cuts, color and even how to keep your hair looking healthy after all the chlorine, sun & possible bleaching you will be putting it through.

Here's a beautiful example of a summery platinum blonde! Although something along these lines require higher maintenance, we've got all the tools to keep your platinum looking beautiful all summer long. We reccommend washing with a violet based shampoo weekly to help cancel out any yellow tones. Conditioning is also a must! We reccommend once or twice a week Olaplex conditioning treatments to help maintain the integrity of your hair!

This is a another popular option, thats still going strong! A long layered Ombre, beautiful waves or long and straight. Very versitile when is comes to styling and color is also a low maintenance option. we reccommend a weekly conditioning treatment to keep your long tresses healthy and shiny in the summer months, and a trim at least every 8 weeks.

This is a very popular look right now, and ideal for the no fuss client. It's easy to maintain and it always looks freshly done. It's a medium lob, with some soft balayage. Highlights are kept to a minimum to reduce any harsh out growth, and the length is perfect for those who still want the option to tie up your hair.

This is another example of the wavy lob from above, but styled straight, with less layers. We prepped the hair by first giving her a Brazilian Blowout, which is a must year round, but 100% necissary when traveling to wet or humid climates. Frizz will stand no chance no matter how humid the climate is!! You can see the soft balayage and the slight angle of the cut. This is a great option for the ladies wanting to go short, but too afraid to make the complete "chop".

Remember all your vacation pictures last a lifetime. Don't neglect your hair this summer because it will show, and those pictures will haunt you forever! Whether you are wanting a color, cut or smoothing treatment, we are here to make sure you look and feel amazing all summer!

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