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I’ve Got 99 Problems But my Hair Ain’t One!

We came across this awesome article in More magazine last month and we wanted to share some of the advice with you. We know that many women have the same complaints when it comes to their hair and we want to be able to answer your questions and concerns. Hopefully this entry is of use to you, feel free to share this with anyone you think could benefit from the advice and don't forget to subscribe!


Enjoy what you've got, your hair may never look this good!


One of the biggest complaints we get from this age is 'excessive hair shedding'. In your 30's there are more life events happening; careers, children, leaving women juggling both family life and work. The result is STRESS, a culprit of hair loss. The best way to reduce cortisol levels is exercise & good eating habits. At this point your health is crucial to your hair health later on.


If you haven't already it's time to start using a hydrating shampoo & conditioner, even if your hair doesn't feel dry. We recommend Moroccan Oil moisture repair shampoo & conditioner, available at our salon. You should also invest in a good boar bristle brush. Raking through your hair with a plastic comb is no longer an option. The natural hairs on a boar bristle don't tug and therefore won't break strands.We also have these available for purchase at our salon.


As you may start noticing your first signs of gray, it's time to weigh out your options. For natural blondes, it's as simple as highlights! If you haven't already started highlighting you can start with some to camouflage the grays. For red or dark hair we suggest a semi-permanent dye like our Goldwell Colorance, It acts like a mask for grays. It's a good first step for someone who has never colored their hair before, plus it fades naturally. If your dark tresses are feeling dull and drab, consider adding a few face framing highlights or on the ends of your hair. It will add brightness in all the right places!


Brace your hair for hormone havoc!

In your 40's hormones play a major role in your hair. Hair becomes skinnier, less plentiful. Hair may also appear drier than in your 30's, but it's nothing a good conditioner can't fix!


In addition to a hydration shampoo & conditioner, (like the moroccan oil moisture repair we previously mentioned) you should include s once a week hair mask. Consider it a hair version of a night cream. Try Moroccan Oil intense hydrating mask, available at our salon.


If you notice your hair thinning out in pronounced spots, or if your hairline is slowly moving away from your forehead, consider spot treating those areas with minoxodil. Also make sure your getting enough protein & iron. Consider taking a multivitamin and/or something that has biotin.


If you notice some thinning consider a shoulder length or collarbone length cut. This will instantly make your hair look thicker! If thinning is primarily around your hairline or temples, consider adding bangs. Either straight across or longer side swept fringe.


While semi permanent may work for a few who are lucky enough to have a sprinkling of gray, most women in their 40's will graduate to permanent hair dye. We use Goldwell hair color, it is gentle and maintains the integrity of your hair while providing amazing results. In addition, almost everyone this age will benefit from going a bit brighter around the face. If you’re considering embracing your silver strands, we recommend lightening your overall color a bit while they grays grow in. That way the contrast won't be so obvious.


Give your tresses a pep talk!

Grays have dominated, making hair coarser and duller than 10 years ago. But hang tight; dryness & density usually stabilize by the end of your 50's!


Dryness is the most common complaint from women in their 50's. You must use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in addition to a once a week mask and leave in conditioner. We recommend Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger moisturizing shampoo & keratin cream rinse. For your mask They offer a Keratin intensive treatment and for a leave in try their styling treatment oil. All products available at our salon. Rich products may have a tendency to build up on the scalp though, so use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month or dab your scalp with sea breeze astringent. This will keep your hair follicles from clogging.


It's time to soften your look, something with body & movement. The goal is to lift the hair off the scalp. A majority of our 50 something clients look chicest in cuts that fall just below the collarbone or shorter.


No matter how good your skin is, dark hair at this age is too harsh. Not everyone needs to be a blonde but consider a few highlights. They make hair look as if it has more depth. Highlights also create the illusion of fullness. Keep in mind, if you go too blonde, you may look washed out. If you have already embraced your silver strands, consider coming in once or twice a month for a Goldwell Colorance gloss treatment. This will keep your stands looking healthy and shiny.


Relish your hair renaissance

In your 60's your hair may actually improve, due to your hormones stabilizing.


A good moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and a weekly conditioning mask should be a part of your routine, but look for products that are weightless. The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger is a great option. This way your thinner, more fragile locks won't fall flat. Scale back on shampooing if your haven't already. Shoot for every other day but every third day is ideal. This helps prevent over stripping the hair's natural oils and the scalps lipids. Your hair as a result will also suffer less breakage. To extend the life of your wash consider a dry shampoo, they work wonders! We have a few different options to choose from, a favorite is the Paul Mitchell Express Dry, Dry Wash.


Consider a chic short cut. One of the biggest battles now is stiff hair, because over 60 hair is coarser and drier. You want to avoid a hair helmet. A short cut solves this problem. If you elect to wear your hair long, use a serum that will provide you will a soft, shiny finish. We recommend The Moroccan Oil Treatment


Lighter colors or highlights will take years off your appearance. Think Meryl Streep or Diane Sawyer. Embracing your natural silver can also be beautiful; just be sure to use a purple shampoo 2-3 times a month. We carry Tressa watercolors in violet washe and it works perfectly for this. You should also consider coming in once or twice a month for a Goldwell Colorance gloss treatment to maintain or add back the luster to your hair.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of advice! Check back soon for our next topic! Feel free to leave a comment and we are always open to suggestions for blog topics!

XOXO The Mane Attraction

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