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Back 2 School

It's that time of year again... BACK TO SCHOOL!

With people of all ages getting ready to start a new school year, we have a few looks for you and your family to consider!

We will start off with the girls. It's all about low maintenance. These girls want to look like a million bucks, but mom/dad usually don't have that kind of budget ;). They need something that looks fantastic, but has little, to no up keep. Keeping in mind that most young girls get their hair cut once or twice a year.

(FYI: We don't advise this, we recommend at least every 3-4 months)

This model is wearing a very soft, natural caramel colored highlight. It's all about placement and color. Enough to give you dimension but not scream COLOR! The outgrowth on this is fantastic, as you will hardly see any. The highlights are mainly underneath the top layers so this leaves you with a very natural outgrowth. Also considering that the tone of the highlights is within a few shades of her hair, it will also help keep a more natural appearance.


Here's another option for a low maintanence color. Peek a boo highlights, in a bolder platinum blonde. The outgrowth is still fairly easy considering that highlights are strategically placed under the hair. Enough to show through, but not enough to show grown out roots.

This look is all the rage right now, especially for young girls. LONG luscious hair! Bohemian waves & flower hair accessories are still going strong. To achieve this look, you'll need a good trim! Cut off all those split ends, and add long layers. For styling; spray dry hair with a light coating of Sebastian Shaper Hairspray. Using a 1 1/4" curling iron or wand, wrap the hair around the barrel taking no more than 2" sections. Let hair set for about 5 minutes, then spray another light coating of hairspray and separate and shake out the curls. Add a flower crown or even a real flower for that Boho finish ;)

On to the guys!

We have a few different looks that all the guys are asking for right now. These looks can be created on little boys, teenagers and adults. Anyone can sport these 'dos!

Very similar but with slight variations in texture or styling...

These styles require trips to the salon about every 6-8 weeks.

This is a short version of a pompadour fade. The sides are kept nice and tight while the top leaves just enough to comb over. Although the hair is cut into this style, you can still get a few different looks out of it. You can faux hawk it, slick it back or just wear it messy up top. We styled his hair by first blow drying to smooth out the texture and then we applied, Mitch Barber's Classic for the finish.

Here we have a longer version of the pompadour. Guys, you can easily re create this look! Think 'mad men.' Gone are the days of the high and tight, military fades. Guys need to have some fun with their hair too! The sides are kept tighter, while the top is left much longer to create the nice comb over that this style requires. To style you can blow dry with some Paul Mitchell sculpting foam and finish with some pomade like, Mitch Clean Cut.

Our last look is a faux hawk. This one will never go out of style! Leaving the top pretty long, the sides are kept tight to create a nice clean look. You can go as short, or as long as you'd like, but we like the drama of a short side with a longer, disconnected top. This look requires a lot of texture, so not only will you want us to texture your hair a bit, but finishing it with some styling cream, like Paul Mitchell Reformer, will give it that nice piecey finish.

We hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully you feel inspired to schedule your back to school appointment now that we gave you some options :) Have a great weekend and a great back to school for all of you attending school! Don't forget to subscribe on our main blog page, if you already haven't!


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