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How to keep your hair looking

Shiny & healthy

What makes hair shiny? When the outer layer (cuticle) of the hair shaft lies flat. The even layer reflects light. Smoothing also repels moisture that can cause frizz. Always use professional products that promote shine, Apply a deep conditioner once/twice a week especially if you are swimming & have alot of sun exposure. Ask us for recommendations at your next appointment, we have several options.

How to take care of your color,

At Home

With any haircolor service, always use a color protecting, moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. This will help promote health & shine of your beautiful color and keep it from fading! From semi to permanent to highlights, always be gentle when combing & brushing to avoid any damage from over stressing your strands.  Color always enhances your great haircut!

Daily styling tips

When choosing to blow dry when styling, always start with a heat protecting hair product, also use a natural bristle or ionic-ceramic style brush. These do help dry your hair in half the time! Always use the nozzle of your blowdryer, this helps focus the heat in one direction, which can eliminate unwanted frizz. Finish by using the "cool" button to seal the cuticle & keep hair smooth & silky.

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